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Apr 23, 2018

4 great parent conference tips

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As a teacher, there will be times when you have to schedule a parent conference. It may be to discuss a child's behaviour with parents or their academic progress. Of course, it doesn't always have to be because you are concerned! It may be that you want to praise or reward a child for amazing progress or fabulous behaviour.

These types of meetings with parents can be a little daunting at times, but with some pre-planning, they will run smoothly. Here are 4 great tips for that next parent conference you have in your diary:

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1. Communicate with parents before

This is a really crucial thing to remember as it can help frame the meeting and also head off any problems. A lot of parents get frustrated due to lack of communication from schools so it is important to avoid this. When you contact them to schedule the conference, give them information on why it is needed and what is to be discussed.

2. Remember your evidence

Where possible, make sure to bring evidence of the issue you need to speak with parents about. Most parents will naturally not believe their little angel is behaving poorly or not putting the effort in they should be with their work. Being able to show them hard proof of their test scores or below standard class work will help break through that barrier.

3. Begin and finish with a positive

It is important that the relationship between you and the parents is maintained, even if what you need to speak to them about is a potentially explosive issue. A good tip to achieve this is to start with a positive comment and end with thanking them for coming to the meeting.

4. Stock up

One of the best tips is to make a note of what is said at the meeting and any questions to follow up on. With the best will in the world, doing it from memory afterwards is nearly impossible. Make sure to have exercise books or paper to hand along with a couple of pens to write with. It may also be handy to have highlighters too which can flag up follow-on actions.

To ensure you have got all the school stationery you need, visit Rhino Stationery today. We have a wide range of school supplies to make sure you get the most from that next parent conference.

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