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May 17, 2017

5 essential Rhino notebooks for your classroom

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With so much to keep on top of in the classroom, having the right tools to hand is essential. Notebooks are perfect for communication, progress tracking and engagement. Allowing students to express themselves on paper is great for keeping a check on how they are doing, as well as providing a valuable record of progress across the term. Rhino supply a range of notebooks perfect for general and subject specific use, meaning you can focus on teaching, safe in the knowledge your students have the right kit. And as with all Rhino products, purchases help towards our annual donation to Save The Rhinos International. Why not think about using this as a starting point for your next project with your class? We would love to see the results in one of our top 5 essential Rhino notebooks!

Register and mark

Get the fundamentals right and you will always be ahead of the game with our easy to use and efficient register notebooks. Sturdy construction in ruled white paper gives plenty of space to add details like attendance, performance and homework. This will be your go-to tool when you need to check on a student’s progress!

Sketchbooks and pads

Exploring creativity through sketching and drawing ideas is key in the classroom. Using technical paper, artists’ pads and tracing paper to communicate ideas and problem solve will not only help learning but encourage new and exciting responses from students.


For students ready to take the next step and begin composing or transposing music, you need manuscript paper. Prepared in a neat, sturdy pad, these notebooks are a starting point for an exciting journey of exploration.


Some subject areas require specific, technical tools. In science, ideas and learning are expressed through words, formula and diagrams. A science journal with graph, grid and lined paper is the perfect place to bring these elements together in one place.


When homework calls, notebooks will be thrown into a backpack with sports kit, packed lunch and art projects. Investing in some sturdy hardback journals will protect precious ideas, ensuring work comes back to the classroom in one piece!

Looking for more inspiration? Browse our full range of exercise books at Rhino Stationery.

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