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Nov 21, 2017

5 reasons to love teaching

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School years define a child's life and as a teacher you get to be a huge part of that. In teaching, you support, encourage and set a child up for success while being able to watch them grow. There's so many reasons why being a teacher is an incredible career, but aside from what it brings to the children, here's five reasons to love teaching...

1. You make a difference

There are few jobs that offer as much of an influence over young lives. As a teacher you will inspire and motivate as a positive role model, while having a profound impact on the children that you teach.

2. Young people are amazing

You may be the teacher but you can guarantee that the children you teach, no matter how young or how old, will teach you a thing or two as well. Children are fascinating, each one unique, and all with an amazing ability to become whatever they choose to be. They will inspire you and impress you, making the job more fulfilling than anyone could ever imagine.

3. You'll face challenges and opportunities

As a teacher there are always challenges to face, so you'll always be able to strive to better yourself and improve. You'll also enjoy that amazing sense of accomplishment when you tackle a goal head on. There are plenty of opportunities for progression and chances to lead activities, events and projects.

4. You'll try new things

From zip-lining on a school trip to learning all the dance moves for the school play, being a teacher will see you constantly trying new things and gaining more experience. Teaching is far from just being in a class room and offers opportunities for you and your students to learn in various fun and exciting ways.

5. You get to be creative

Teaching offers endless chances to be creative. Creativity is useful in all subjects, not just art, and very few jobs allow quite so much time for creative activities.

Make sure your class is stocked up with school stationery, from pens and pencils to quality exercise books. With a well organised classroom, you'll love teaching even more and the children will love to learn.

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