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Mar 27, 2018

5 tips for Easter holiday revision

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School holidays are a time to celebrate, because who doesn’t love having time away from working hard? And the Easter holidays are particularly special, because who doesn’t love being able to eat chocolate for breakfast, dinner and tea?

But, Easter means revision if you’ve got impending exams.

To make the next few weeks of chocolate-eating and revision-cramming more bearable, here are five tips for making the most of the Easter holidays. So pick up your pens, pencils, and exercise books (or get them here), and get revising!

1. Go back over your notes

The best place to start is by recapping. Find out what you do and don’t know. If you feel pretty confident with everything, then that’s great, but don’t put your pen and paper down just yet.

2. Make flashcards, or mind-maps; whatever works for you

Find the revision technique that works for you, and action it. Get your notes in front of you, and make a mind-map summarising the key points. Get some keywords down on flashcards. Find what works, and stick to it. You’ll be far more likely to remember the information if you enjoy the revision process.

3. Allocate your time

Use your time wisely. Don’t spend all your time looking at maths if it’s English you’re really struggling with. But, don’t forget about maths altogether, even if you’re really good at it! Check which exams come first and create a timetable. Distribute your time equally.

4. Test yourself

The only way you can get better at something is by making mistakes in the first place. Do some practice exams. Get someone to test you. Figure out what you don’t know before it’s too late. You have plenty of time to re-learn!

5. Have fun

Revising isn’t about sitting at a desk with your notes in front of you, furiously rewriting them. Take time away from revising. It’s important you have family and friends time; get some fresh air. Locking yourself away for the whole Easter holidays isn’t going to help, no matter how much chocolate you have!

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