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Oct 16, 2017

5 ways to bring Halloween to the classroom

Halloween craft - Rhino Stationery

As Halloween approaches, it is a time of great excitement for all. This is certainly true for children at school who love the chance to get into the spirit and have a break from the usual classroom activities. If you are a teacher and need some ideas of how to bring Halloween into your classroom, then these should help:

1. Write spooky stories

A great idea to involve your class in Halloween is to get them to come up with their very own ghost story. Get them to take a couple of pages in their exercise books to really focus on characters and key plot devices before writing.

2. Make scary decorations

All kids love the chance to get creative and this is why making some decorations will be right up their street. Get out the coloured paper and felt tips to see just what they come up with!

3. Make masks

One of the major reasons all kids love Halloween is the chance to dress up as characters like zombies, witches or skeletons. An easy and inexpensive way to help with this is by making masks. Let them draw out their designs on coloured paper and use all your fun stationery supplies to finish the effect off.

4. Make fun Halloween cards for family

Involving the families of children in their school activities is always a great move as the children really enjoy showing off what they have made when they get home. Get them to use all the pens and pencils, glitter and colour you have to make Halloween cards to take back to Mum and Dad.

5. Paint a spooky picture

If you need a quick way to brighten up your classroom walls and get the kids into the Halloween mood, have them paint a spooky picture each. The amount of paints and colours that are available now are huge so they can really let their imaginations run wild.

If you need to replenish your stock of school exercise books, pens and pencils, paper or other school supplies to bring Halloween to your classroom, then let us help. Our extensive range is great value and will keep the children entertained for hours!

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