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Jul 10, 2018

6 creative ways to keep your child educated over the summer holidays

Keeping kids educated over summer - Rhino Stationery

1. Get creative with games

Kids these days like to play computer games, which can be all well and good, but to keep them learning and to keep their minds active over the summer, they should try their hands at some creativity. With the empty pages of their exercise books and some pens and pencils, your child could get involved with making up their own games.

Word games, such as Scrabble, are good for their brain activity. Get them to write down letters and cut them up so they have their own Scrabble letter set. They can colour them in with their school supplies and start making words to do with the things they like, such as football, music, their favourite films, etc.

2. Go on fun educational trips

Having fun over the summer holidays is a must for every child, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have to learn something. Trips to museums, art galleries and aquariums can be fun and exciting as well as educational. But to ensure your child makes the most of it, they could make notes in their notebooks about what they learnt and how they felt about it.

They could even draw in their sketchbooks and pads with their school art supplies. The more focused they are drawing and colouring something they’ve seen, whether it’s a shark in the aquarium or a painting in an art gallery, it’s likely your child will come away having learnt something new, too.

3. Writing music

Kids school stationery can be used for writing all sorts of things, even music. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds, and it’s a way for your child to use their brains creatively to have fun and to learn. They can start off by writing simple songs or poems and try to come up with rhymes.

You could then get them to re-write some of their favourite songs in their exercise books and write their own lyrics. This may be a challenge, but it’s good to mentally stimulate them, as they’ll be thinking for themselves and learning how to piece certain words together with music.

4. Read and write some books

Children are naturally curious, which is why creativity is good stimulation for their brains. Over the summer, it’s good to keep up your child’s reading so they don’t fall behind by the time September rolls around again. So, they should get into a new YA novel or even comics, graphic novels, or magazines, as all reading is good for their minds.

To get creative with reading and writing, your child could start writing about the book they just read or carry on the story to see how far they can take the characters. They could even start from scratch and just write their own story and see how many pages of their school exercise books they can fill.

5. Keep track of the route

So, if you’re taking your child on a trip, why not have your child take some of their best school supplies with them in order to stay creative, makes note, write down their feelings, and draw what they see.

A good way of learning is to get them to map out the route you’ve taken by writing down streets, if you travelled by bus or train, how far it was and how long. This actually gives them real-life skills that they can use in later life when they're navigating around a city and need to know how to get from A to B. Most kids like to point out things they see when they’re going somewhere, so it’s a good idea to take a notebook with them and some pens and pencils.

6. Get cooking, write the recipe

If your child is a budding chef, then they can use their school stationery set for thinking up ideas of what to bake. If it’s a cake, they could research and write down the recipe and find out the instructions on how to do it.

Once they’ve got it all down in their notebooks, you can help them bake the cake. They’ll brush up on their maths as they calculate how much of the ingredients to use and learn valuable skills in the long-run.

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