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Apr 25, 2017

7 ways to inspire your students after half term

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Psychologists have long studied the links between new methods and increased learning. Nothing so much stimulates both learning and enjoyment as a fresh approach! Here are seven ways to inspire your students after half term.

1. Encourage journaling

Recording thoughts and discoveries on a daily basis can be a powerful driver of growth. As well as bringing increased awareness of one's own thinking, journaling is a gentle way to develop the life skill of self-examination. By becoming more aware of oneself through the practice of daily writing we become more centred in pursuing our learning projects.

2. Experiment with colour

The mind likes stimulation when making connections. Using tinted paper in the classroom allows different expression for different purposes, aiding absorption and retention. Experiment with different tinted papers as well as coloured pens and pencils to break up the learning process into its distinct stages!

3. Homework diaries

Learners like structure. The use of a homework diary can make the task of homework more manageable and orderly, as well as create a written record of progress over time. There is an extra satisfaction to learning in stages when the emergence of the bigger picture can be charted over time through a homework diary.

4. Start a scrap book

Many of us compiled scrap books while growing up. Initially, it may have only seemed a way of preserving striking items. After time, though, the collection emerged as a valuable mind map of what appealed to us and caught our attention. As well as often being a treasured keepsake, a scrap book can be an aid to deeper self-understanding.

5. Highlight to bring handouts alive

One of the most common but least effective ways to try to absorb information is simply to read it from start to finish. Our capacities for understanding work best when fired by engagement. Using highlighters to mark and digest important bits of text aids both comprehension and revision.

6. Illustrate!

The beautiful is both more fun and more easily remembered! Encourage the use of watercolour pencils and felt-tip pens when allowing students to produce drawings and charts which bring written work to life.

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