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May 10, 2016

A day in the life of a Rhino classroom

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Rhino really can make a difference to every minute in the classroom, and thousands of UK schools are already using us to provide their school’s stationery supplies. Supplying quality, hard wearing exercise books, paper and writing equipment, we’re a one stop shop for every classroom. We can provide you with solutions for every lesson. Have a look at our idea of “A day with Rhino”.

Meet Samantha, a young student on her way to school. Because she’s a young trend setter, her pencil case is stuffed full with everything a girl needs to survive a day in the classroom – colouring pencils in every colour under the sun, some gel pens, a couple of handwriting pens, HB pencils, several rubbers, a highlighter, and a pine cone she picked up in the playground. You can buy all of these at the Rhino shop, except for the pine cone, which you can pick from a forest of your own choosing.

Once inside the building, her pencil case lands on a desk set up for an English lesson, surrounded by exercise books. The kids who sit at the table all grab at the pile of exercise books to find theirs, with some of the boys hurling the girls’ books aside to get to theirs first. It’s a good thing that these Rhino branded exercise books live up to their namesake – their tough card front covers withstand the enthusiastic tiny fingers. With up to 120 pages, these books should last even the most creative writer for many lessons. Rhino can even supply exercise books with tinted paper for children with special educational needs.

With English over and done with, it’s time for some science. The Rhino branded exercise books which the teacher hands out are in a bright shade of purple, although there’s a wide variety of colours and designs available. Some pages have graph paper, some are lined, catering for scientists of all ages and experience levels.

After break, it’s time for some art. The pencil case is opened up again so that all the pencils and pens can be shared with our young girl’s friends. Sketchbooks open, the drawing can begin. Rhino can provide a whole range of art exercise book solutions, from spiral bound sketch pads up to A3 size tracing pads. The high quality paper used in the art books means it can endure the excited rubbing out and trying again, as our student tries to perfect her drawing before the lunch bell rings.

The lesson after lunch is maths, and it’s all about accurately drawing shapes. Rhino to the rescue again, with a great selection of papers which are definitely up for the challenge. Squared, lattice and isometric papers with clearly printed designs are all up for grabs, allowing the students to investigate the properties of the shapes they see.

Homework is written down in the distinctive yellow Rhino homework diary. Covering six days of the week, because even the hardest working pencil case needs a day off, and available in two sizes, this tough book is designed with enough space to last the school year, providing the perfect place for students, teachers and parents to write down details of their task.

School’s out, and Samantha heads to her after school choir. She plays the clarinet, and can jot down her musical notes inside her Rhino stave book, copying them down from the teacher’s Rhino branded stave flipchart.

Time to head home, and while Rhino can’t provide the school bus, we can be sure that our high quality products will stand up to the journey from classroom to home.

If you’re not already a Rhino customer, have a look at what we can offer you to make your classrooms even better. You won’t be disappointed!

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