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Aug 25, 2015

​Four ideas for covering exercise books

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Covering exercise books doesn't just keep your students' books protected from the hustle and bustle of school life, the practice is also a great way to allow your students to express their creativity. Encourage them to spend some time on making their books look beautiful and you're helping them to invest their time in education.

We've got four ideas for great ways to cover your textbooks:

Sticky-back plastic

Sticky-back plastic wrap comes in all sorts of fun and funky prints these days, which makes it a cool material to cover books with, and it's also very durable. Suggest that your students glue images relevant to the subject to their books - covering it with sticky back plastic too will help it to avoid annihilation in lockers and school bags.

Old maps

If you've got any old maps lying around your home they could make a fun material for your students to cover their exercise books in. Not only does it give their books a stylish vintage look, but maps are also pretty hard wearing, making them a sensible choice as well as a practical one (and perfect for geography books!)

Brown paper

It's a boring start, but a brown paper jacket could give your students the blank canvas they want to decorate their books with drawings and pictures. Rather than allow them to draw directly on to their exercise books, brown paper protects the book as well. It's also easy to change, so if Zach doesn't heart Emily any more, he can just change his cover.

Magazine pages

Choose wisely if you suggest magazine pages, because some are very flimsy and won't be able to take the rough and tumble that an exercise book is put through. The girls in your class in particular might enjoy using pages from fashion mags, just make sure you counsel them wisely on using sturdy enough materials!

New school supplies have always been the most exciting part of returning to school each September, so indulge your students' creativity and let them have some fun with their decoration.

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