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Apr 20, 2017

Half term with Rhino sketchbooks and pads

Drawing - Rhino Stationery

Need an easy, safe activity for the kids to enjoy outside school hours? Drawing and sketching is fun for all ages, inexpensive and can be done anywhere - in the sunshine at the beach, in the garden or indoors on those rainy days. All you need is a few pens and pencils, some exercise books, pads or sketch books and a bit of inspiration! Here are some ideas for getting children from toddlers to teens to start sketching over the Easter break.

Draw something you did today

Encourage children to draw what they have been up to, whether that’s something specific they saw or an activity they really enjoyed. Older children may enjoy the idea of taking a smaller sketch pad with them to parks or gardens and jotting down what they see, then using these drawings to help create another picture later on.

Draw something in the garden

If it's a nice day, you can ask your charges to take a close look at a plant or insect in the back garden and draw it. You can place small bugs in a jar out of the sun for short periods to allow full inspection of the subject, but take care to explain to smaller children in particular that they are not toys and monitor the process of sketching to prevent any harm coming to the tiny models. Always put them back where they were found.

Draw what you can see/could see out of the window

Perfect for rainy days! Ask children to draw what they can see out of a handy window. If that’s not much, encourage a bit of imaginative artistic licence - what would they see if they were looking out of the window on to a zoo, a farmyard or a fairytale land?

These are just a few ideas. Why not ask the children to make their own suggestions?
Rhino supply a great range of notebooks, sketchbooks and pads in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to make it easy to draw anywhere, anytime. Take a look and stock up today!

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