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May 04, 2017

How can exercise books support teaching and learning consistency?

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Teachers are constantly trying to adjust to the changing landscape of education. In particular, many of them are still trying to figure out where new technology – such as the internet, laptops and other mobile gadgets – fits into school life. It’s worth remembering that all these advancements still pale in comparison to the value of exercise books in the classroom. In fact, such books can support teaching and learning consistency across the entire school year. Here are three ways they can do this.

The message

Students will be able to engage with their teacher’s message more when they write it down in an exercise book. Rather than trying to remember the information outright or simply type it at speed, the act of using a pen or pencil is more likely to help the message sink in. This can lead to a stronger understanding of the subject for pupils, therefore meaning teachers won’t have to offer further support down the line.

The progress

Exercise books create a visual timeline of students’ progress. For example, the earlier pages should see them trying to grasp the basics of a new subject. Meanwhile, the later pages should see them trying to manage more complex areas of the subject. This isn’t just handy for pupils to see how far they have developed, but also for teachers when assessing the students in their class.

The reflection

There will come a point – such as when an exam or essay looms – when students will have to look back over their notes. If they’re stored on a laptop or random pieces of paper, these might not be easy to access or might be out of order. Meanwhile, exercise books allow all for the information to be in one place and in a chronological order. This should aid students as they try to grasp the subject ahead of the assessment.

Don’t take exercise books for granted!

It’s easy to get caught up in the fuss surrounding modern technology. Just don’t forget though, exercise books still have a firm place in the classroom and all teachers should make sure that their students are armed with one from the first day of term. Contact Rhino Stationery for more information.

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