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Oct 19, 2016

How coloured paper can help learning

Coloured paper - Rhino Stationery

When we think about paper in the classroom, we typically think of it as being white. However, there are several benefits to be seen from introducing a variety of coloured paper into your classroom. Some benefits are more serious and significant, while others are simply about making learning that little bit more fun!

1. Helps separate topics

Visually separating topics can have a really positive effect on learning, especially during revision periods. It allows students to effectively categorise different areas or ideas, which helps make the subjects feel more manageable and digestible. Using a different colour of paper for each topic is a great idea and a simple way of doing this. For instance, revising history students could write key people on blue paper, key dates on yellow paper, key events on pink paper and key theories on green paper. In the exams, they can then draw on this by visualising what they wrote, and where. The relevant notes will also then be easier to find.

2. Aids understanding for dyslexic students

Lots of studies have been done into the visual stress that can be experienced by dyslexic students and how reading can be made easier. It has been shown that white backgrounds can be dazzling when used both on paper and the computer. Printing hand outs on coloured paper, particularly soft pastel shades, can make it much easier for students with dyslexia to read the information. Students may have individual preference as to which colour they personally find easier, so think about asking them first and maybe print hand outs for the whole class on those colours, so nobody feels made to stand out.

3. It's fun!

It might sound very simple, but something as basic as introducing coloured paper into the classroom adds just a little bit excitement to a topic. Education is all about keeping information fresh and teaching it in new and different ways. Liven things up with coloured paper and inject some creativity into the classroom to help keep your students engaged and interested. Whether they are writing an essay, doing sums or making flash cards, a little bit of colour never hurt anybody!

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