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Apr 13, 2017

Pencil v iPad - 10 things you can’t do with Apple

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These days, more and more people are buying iPads. However, the tablets don’t actually hold a candle to the more traditional office and school supplies like a pencil. In case you need some convincing, here are 10 things you can’t do with Apple products that you can do with a pencil.

1) Use without power

You’ll need a plug and charger if you’ve got any hope of getting an iPad up and running. Meanwhile, pencils are ready to go after a quick sharpening.

2) Use constantly

You’ll still be ready to go after using a pencil for hours on end. On the other hand, your iPad will begin to need a power supply after just a short period of use.

3) Share with anyone

iPads are best suited to the technologically advanced and people who you trust. Essentially, you just can’t lend it to a stranger like you can with a pencil.

4) Give as an affordable gift

Unlike pencils, you’ll have to fork out mega cash if you want to treat someone to an iPad.

5) Convey sentiment

There’s nothing like a handwritten letter to convey your emotions. You simply can’t do the same thing on an iPad by just tapping the screen.

6) Use quickly

iPads need to be charged and unlocked to be used, making them a lot less handy for quickly taking notes than a pencil.

7) Transport

Pencils can be tucked away in your pocket in most cases. On the other hand, iPads are quite large and a lot harder to transport.

8) Sign for things

When a parcel arrives, you’ll be laughed at if you go to sign for it with an iPad. The delivery man will at the very least be expecting a pen or pencil for your signature.

9) Drop

Pencils are resilient if you drop them. iPads, of course, can be damaged if they fall from even the smallest of heights.

10) Fail unexpectedly

It only takes a weak power supply or a dodgy download to cause an iPad to fail. This definitely isn’t the case with pencils.

Pencils over iPads

Even with the emergence of iPads and other technology, pens and pencils still rule the roost in schools and offices. To get your hands on such stationery, have a look at the selection available on our website.

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