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Jan 16, 2017

School is still a paper-chase!

School paper - Rhino Stationery

Children just adore computers, kindles, iPads, iPhones, gizmos, gadgets and all the rest of today's paperless-paraphernalia, don't they? And yet; and yet. There are very few school children who do not - if only secretly - love all the accessories that go with their education: from exercise books to note-pads; from pencil cases to pens and pencils to put in them. What’s more, it is not only the adults who are into crayons and colouring books, either! Indeed, for all the wonders of the World Wide Web and the tacky addictiveness of the internet, most children cherish their collection of school stationery.

Find a school - just one - that doesn’t rely heavily on a photo-copier or a laser printer! Say what you like about the efficiency and environmental or ecological advantages of a paperless society, but there is still something personal about paper, pens, pencils and Post-it Notes. From a Primary School classroom to the Principal’s office; from the Secretary’s cupboards to the caretaker’s closet - and on via the staff-room workstations - stationery matters.

Exercise books and memo pads; writing sets and robust rubbers; a palette of pens or a personalized propelling pencil paired with an elegant fountain pen. These may be items of nostalgia to one generation but they are the tools that substantiate the creative imagination of a new one. Who doesn’t like highlighters in rainbow hues, big fat board-markers or teeny-tiny fibre-tips, today? What about staples and staplers, Sellotape and stickers, spiral-bound or stapled notebooks, stuffed with secrets? (A notebook - even today - provides the promise that you will one day make your mark, literally and metaphorically.)

Today, it may well be all about emails and electrons, cyber-space and virtual reality and it is the case that the utilitarian nature of stationery has eroded over time - no more quickly or - some fear - irrevocably than in recent decades through the rapid rise of digital communication. Just so; but you try organizing a paper-chase with iPads!

Hooray! then, for e-commerce, as Rhino Stationery is only a mouse-click away for all your stationery supplies.

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