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Apr 03, 2017

Spring craft ideas for your primary school class - Easter Bunnies

Easter bunnikes - Rhino Stationery

With this year’s springtime well and truly sprung and Easter just around the corner, why not teach your primary school class how to make their very own Easter bunnies?

This crafty idea can be used to create an easy, fun lesson for your primary school class, using just a few readily available items of school stationery.

Here’s how to do it.

What you will need

• A4 coloured paper (blue, yellow, white, black and pink)
• Scissors
• Black marker pen
• Glue stick
• Pom-poms

How to do it

1. Begin by cutting out two 20cm diameter circles for the bunny’s face. Let your pupils choose what colour they’d like their bunny to be; there are no rules!

2. Next, cut out two ears about 10cm long in a colour to match the face.

3. Now, cut out eyes and smaller ears to fit inside the larger ones. Use the white paper for this.

4. Next cut out some white paper teeth and some thin pieces of black paper to make whiskers.

5. Take the two face cut-outs and glue the ears between them to hold them in place.

6. Glue on the eyes, ears and whiskers.

7. Finish off by drawing eyes on the bunny’s face, using a black marker pen and adding a little woollen pom-pom for the bunny’s nose.

Source: Artsy craftsy mom, March 2017)

These easy-to-make and versatile bunnies can be used to decorate your classroom and can then be taken home for the Easter holidays. Smaller bunnies could be used to decorate a home-made Easter card.

Alternatively, why not attach each bunny to a wooden spoon with sticky tape to form a large puppet and encourage your class to perform an Easter play, using their bunny puppets?

Another idea is to make eye holes in the bunny’s face and attach a piece of thin elastic to the back of the bunny to create a mask.

You can find everything you need for this fun project at Rhino Stationery, together with a whole range of stationery products that are perfect for craft projects and for day to day lessons.

Spring craft ideas

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