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Aug 22, 2017

Teacher's essential back to school supply list

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As school holidays draw to a close, children, teachers and parents are all starting to think about the inevitable back-to-school shopping that comes around every year. The sheer choice of stationery on offer can be particularly overwhelming for teachers and educational staff who would like to make this event as quick and painless as possible, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of items that will allow kids to make the most of the new school year.

Books and notepads

Adequate writing materials such as school exercise books and ruled paper are some of the most essential items in the classroom. Therefore, adequately stocking the classroom with these books is one of the first things schools should think about. Our exercise books, which come in packs of ten, are perfect for pupils to make notes and complete writing assignments. The books come in a range of colours, which means you can colour code in accordance with a specific subject, class or school year. We also have specially ruled books for certain subjects, such as maths.

Homework diaries are another absolute staple, as they allow pupils to keep a record of what work they are expected to complete every week and increase the chances of all pupils handing in their work on time.

For writing tasks and tests, it is a good idea to keep well stocked up with lined paper. This means certain pieces of work can be kept separate from exercise books. Equally, if pupils are working on a computer, supplies of printerpaper are essential to have in abundance.

Pens and Pencils

While many children are sent to school very well stocked up with pens and pencils at the beginning of the year, some are not, and many are experts at losing pens within a matter of days. In this way, keeping well stocked up with pens is important, particularly for teachers of younger pupils. Handwriting pens are very popular among those teaching younger children, as they leave minimal mess and get children used to writing with pens rather than pencils.

For older children (and for teachers) a good stock of ballpoint pens is also very handy.

Whether you're putting together a starter pack of exercise books, pens and pencils for each pupil, or you're simply replenishing the school supplies cupboard, Rhino Stationery has everything you need.

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