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Jul 29, 2015

​The benefits of canopies for schools

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Canopies for Schools

There are countless good reasons for schools to invest in canopies. Canopies can make outdoor educational environments more versatile and interesting, permitting play and learning even when the weather is far from idyllic. School is a magical time for the vast majority of pupils, and canopies can make kids look forward to heading to school each morning, despite the rain. Let’s look at some of the most commonly-cited reasons for investing in canopies.

A robust option

The best canopies are durable enough to stand up to everything the climate can throw at them. They ensure that the ground can remain dry, which means there is less chance of kids slipping whilst they are engaged in play. High safety standards must be in place if kids are to learn and play without coming to harm. If your school has a large play area, a canopy can help you obtain value from it all year round. Most kids prefer playing outside to being stuck indoors, and a canopy can allow them to do just that even when the climate is more challenging.

A year-round solution

A canopy could be the answer if your pupils need access to an outdoor play area throughout the year. Most canopy manufacturers will be able to build a canopy to your exact specifications, allowing you to tailor it towards your exact needs and derive real value from it. Canopies offer an excellent link between indoor and outdoor play as well as a fantastic protected environment that represents a real return on investment.

Protection from the elements

More and more educational authorities are promoting canopies as a great way to make outdoor play and learning possible. They don’t simply need to be used for rainy days either – they can provide fantastic protection from the sun, UV rays and sunburn when the weather is at its hottest. What’s more is that they can protect kids from heat exhaustion. It’s wise to opt for a bespoke canopy rather than a “one size fits all” solution in order to cater for your school’s unique circumstances and requirements.

Comfort for parents

If you’re not sure which canopy supplier to opt for, take a look at several so you can come to an informed decision. You may wish to talk to four or five companies in depth about what they can do for your school before coming to a decision. It may also be wise to talk to professionals from other local schools to see if there is anyone they can recommend. Don’t forget that canopies can offer comfort for parents waiting for their children at the end of the school day too. The weather can change from sunny to wet in an instant, but a canopy will provide the protection from the elements that parents require.

Feel free to ask questions

Make sure you’re offered a long guarantee when you purchase a canopy, and only buy from a supplier that will offer maintenance and aftercare services after the deal is done. It’s a good idea to find a highly-experienced company that will show you examples of their past work so you can get a feel for the canopies they produce. Ask any questions you need to and ensure the company adheres to British standards. It’s vital that you choose a reputable company that always puts safety first. If you would like to find out more about canopies for schools Clovis Canopies have loads of useful information on their website

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