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Mar 13, 2018

Three tricks to make rainy days fun in the classroom

Rainy days - Rhino Stationery

Three tricks to make rainy days fun in the classroom

There’s no guarantee that there’s going to be blue skies ahead just because it’s getting into spring. This is why it’s always good to prepare for some rainy days – particularly in terms of how to make them fun. You see, breaks and lunch times aren’t just about kids enjoying a snack and a chat with their friends. Instead, it’s about them releasing energy that’s built up during lessons. After all, it’s this release that helps them to concentrate when it’s time to knuckle down again. With this in mind, here are three ways to make rainy days fun in the classroom.


Of course, you don’t want to instigate a game that’s active and requires the kids to run around indoors. In addition, you probably won’t have time to get out board games because these can take a while to set up. Therefore, quickly make a game up that can be played at the pupils’ desks. This can be something as simple as noughts and crosses or even a word search.


A class-wide contest should get your pupils having fun. In particular, those where they feel like they’re racing against the clock should help the time pass a lot faster on those dreary days. Try splitting the room into two and playing a game of Pictionary on the whiteboard. If you want to do something a little quieter, you could even get the kids to see who can draw the best picture of the rainy day in their scrap books. Don’t forget to hand out awards afterwards!

Art and crafts

It’s time to get creative. You don’t even need to push the kids in a direction with this activity either. Instead, your responsibility is to provide paint, glue, scissors and, of course, plenty of pens and pencils. The wet day will just fly by as the pupils are busy using their imaginations to create something unique.

Don’t dread the rain!

Yes, it’s never nice when it rains – but that’s no need for teachers to panic at the first sign of a wet day. Just remember to keep these tricks up your sleeve and you should find it’s a fun atmosphere in the classroom. For help buying supplies needed for a dreary day, check out Rhino Stationery.

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