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Feb 27, 2019

Top Inspiring Teachers (real and fictional)

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The best teachers don’t just teach - they inspire. But what makes a teacher truly inspiring, from their teaching style to how they handle and treat their students? Or is it how they think outside of the box?

Well actually, it’s a little bit of all of these. These traits are found in teachers in the real world as well as fictional, so what better way to celebrate them than compiling a list of our favourite inspiring teachers?

Raymond Chambers

Sometimes students need something a bit new and different to inspire them, and no one realises this more than Raymond Chambers.

As a way to help children learn in a more interactive way, he uses his knowledge gained from studying computer science to develop new educational software for the motion detection system Microsoft. His creations are now used by himself and teachers all over the UK to help enhance student learning.

Erin Gruwell

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds can find it difficult to excel in the classroom compared to their peers. Tired of this becoming the norm, teacher and motivational speaker Erin Gruwell set out to change that.

She bought books for pupils with her own money and also encouraged her class to write life journals as an outlet for problems they may be having outside of the classroom. These journal entries were then shared in class unanimously to help the pupils deal with their issues.

Miss Honey (Matilda)

Oh, how we wish we had someone like Miss Honey as a teacher when we were growing up. Not only was she the opposite of everything the evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull stood for, but she was also an excellent teacher as well!

Eddie Woo

All children struggle in particular subject areas, and maths can be a particular challenge for many, especially once they reach secondary school.

Maths teacher Eddie Woo realised this, so made it his mission to build confidence in the math skills of year 7 students. Alongside specialised math teaching in the classroom, Eddie also has his own Youtube channel known as “WooTube” which has become an invaluable resource for students and teachers alike.

Professor Lupin (Harry Potter)

There are a number of teachers from the world of Harry Potter who could have made the list, but we’ve gone for Professor Lupin as the best of the bunch.

Not only does he care deeply for his students, but he gets students learning through interaction rather than the traditional methods, all while doing so enthusiastically and with a smile on his face.

Dewey Finn (School of Rock)

Although how Dewey landed his job at Horace Green wasn’t the most honest, you can’t deny his teaching skills once there isn’t something to behold.

He listens to his students, tailors learning to meet their individual needs, and can give one hell of a pep talk if a student is feeling particularly down about something, meaning he’s still an excellent teacher in our books.

Barbara Zielonka

Barbara is the mastermind behind the project known as “Genius Hour”. During this time, low-achieving students are encouraged to create their own research topic and use digital resources available to help complete it. Through data collection, social media, questionaries and collaboration, students are left with a vast set of skills and a completed project they can be proud of.

Barbara’s hard work paid off as well - in May 2017 she was awarded Norway’s prestigious Gullenpleprisen prize, which is awarded once a year to a teacher that uses IT as part of their teaching.

Charles Xavier (X-Men)

Rounding off our list is everyone’s favourite superhero teacher Charles Xavier. When he’s not helping to save the world with his team of X-Men, he’s busy helping teach the next generation of mutants at his very own school.

We’re sure mind reading helps to deal with student’s problems, but his compassion and understanding make him a great teacher - superpowers or not.

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