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Nov 06, 2017

The best playground games of today – from Hopscotch to Duck, Duck, Goose

Hop scotch - Rhino Stationery

We all know that play is an important part of a child’s development, but let’s face it, sometimes even the most imaginative of teachers need a little inspiration when it comes to creative activities for fun-loving youngsters. That's why we’ve compiled a few tried-and-tested games guaranteed to make playtime more interesting.


The best thing about the traditional game of hopscotch is its simplicity. Like all good playground games, children won’t even realise that they’re learning while having fun. That’s because not only does it help develop counting skills, but hopscotch also requires good balance and physical coordination.

Please, Mr Crocodile

This is an old favourite that never fails to keep little ones entertained. One child is chosen to play the part of a crocodile while the others line up and chant, “Please, Mr Crocodile, may we cross the river?” The ‘crocodile’ then replies: “Only if your birthday is in April.” (Or any other rule that the crocodile can think of.) If your birthday is in April, you can move forward one pace, but if not, the crocodile will try and catch you unless you can make it into the safe zone.


Freeze is another playground classic. If you’re a teacher or playground assistant, try taking on the role of ‘It’ by closing your eyes while the children creep around you. When you open your eyes, shout ‘Freeze’, the cue for everyone to stop still. Beware though! If anyone moves a muscle and you catch them out, they’re next in line to be ‘It’.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Ask everyone to sit in a circle and choose one child to walk around outside, tapping each person in turn on the head and calling ‘Duck’ each time. However, the child must randomly also choose to tap one person in the circle and call out ‘Goose’. Once this happens, then the fun begins. The ‘Goose’ must get up and chase the child around the circle until caught.

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