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Apr 09, 2018

When's the best day for learning?

Best day for learning - Rhino Stationery

What's the best day for learning? With a little time and planning, you can make any day of the week the best day for learning in your classroom.

Monday: set yourself up for greatness

Environment has a big impact on learning, which is why your classroom setup matters. If you can't move away from rows of desks, then good news! You're all ready for pairs work. Whether you want to encourage small group interaction or skills growth for the entire class, having the right classroom set up and school supplies at your fingertips can make any day the best day for learning.

Tuesday: experiment with teaching styles

Are you a demonstrator or a delegator? Do you prefer to take charge of the way your pupils learn or do you prefer to encourage self-learning in the classroom? The chances are you use all four main teaching styles at some point during the day, tailoring your tutoring as the situation demands. Try mixing up your approach by using an unfamiliar style and evaluating the impact it has on classroom learning.

Wednesday: take it outdoors

Children learn more when they're engaged and happy, whatever day that is, and outdoor learning is incredibly valuable in offering children learning opportunities that are new and unique. Equip them with pens and pencils to sketch wildlife, or take maths outside and get the class to estimate how long it will take them to run, skip or hop the length of a playing field - it's a great way to make learning relevant, whatever day of the week.

Thursday: focus on

According to research, Thursday is the worst day of the week for teachers. Take control of your workload and catch up with your admin using smart and functional office supplies. A well prepared and stress-free teacher develops better learning outcomes for their class.

Friday: a craft project

It's nearly the weekend, so send your pupils home happy with a craft project that celebrates class achievements. Scrapbooking is easy for any age group to do and can create a meaningful record of what your pupils have learnt throughout the week proving that any day can be the best day for learning if you use a little thought and imagination!

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