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Dec 13, 2017

Why Christmas is so much fun in the classroom

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There’s arguably no better time of year to be a teacher than Christmas. After all, the festive season always brings with it a wave of excitement – and this often translates to more fun in the classroom. What’s not to love about that? With December 25 nearing closer and closer, here’s a look at why Christmas is so fun in the classroom.


Christmas marks a great excuse to practice your interior design skills. You’ll often find that something as simple as a few bits of tinsel and a string of lights makes all the difference to the atmosphere, ultimately meaning everyone enjoys being in the classroom even more.


Children have a permanent high on the run up to Christmas. This means that they usually take to tasks with more energy and life than at other times of year. As tasks get completed faster, it marks an opportunity for something fun to take centre stage once the hard part is out of the way. This can often be something as simple as allowing them to use colourful gel pens when working on Christmas crafts or projects.


Teachers can put a festive spin on anything as long as they use their imagination. In fact, you don’t even need to veer off the syllabus too much and you can still make a topic about Christmas. For instance, why not introduce some festive-themed books, stories and poems when teaching English, such as A Christmas Carol, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and A Visit From St Nicholas (also known as The Night Before Christmas)? After being inspired, you can even get them to write their own in their exercise books.


The chilly temperature outside creates the perfect conditions for pupils to work in once they’re in the classroom. Following the walk to school, they’ll be glad to get warmed up and stuck into a bit of work. This will certainly be fun for you because your pupils won’t need motivating as much as usual and you won't have to rely on your red pen as much when marking. Even better? Use it to leave a festive message in each pupil's book before the end of term so that they come back in January feeling positive.


Games make the biggest impact when they come out at special times of the year. Luckily, the best time to instigate them is before the term ends for Christmas. Not only will your pupils have loads of fun, but you can relax knowing that any exams are still months away. A festive word search is easy to create if your supplies are limited. The children can even make their own if they have scrap books. Or get the whole class to play games together such as Hangman or Pictionary on a giant flip chart pad.

Happy Christmas!

Don’t let this Christmas pass you by without appreciating how much fun it is being in the classroom. To make the period run even better, make sure that you’re well stocked up with pens, pencils and exercise books from Rhino Stationery.

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