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Mar 09, 2017

Why recycled paper is the best paper to use!

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In the Western world, we are fairly good at recycling paper. Local authorities provide us with the facilities to conveniently dispose of recyclables, including card and paper. It is all too easy, however, to forget that we need to support each end of the recycling chain – not just to provide used paper for recycling, but also to select recycled paper when we are making purchasing decisions.

This is particularly important if you are buying as part of an educational organisation, where exercise books and school stationery are in great demand. In fact, paper is the main waste for schools, with estimations that it accounts for at least a quarter of a school’s rubbish (Recyling guide. Org). Here are three compelling reasons why recycled paper is the best paper to use.

1. It is good for the environment

When it comes to buying paper and paper products, recycled is the greenest option. The production of recycled paper uses less energy and water and results in fewer harmful emissions than that of non-recycled paper. As it can be recycled up to five times, it reduces the waste going to landfill and extends the life of the core materials greatly.

2. You uphold socially responsible values

All organisations need to uphold the values associated with their brand to be competitive and a purchasing policy that includes recycled paper contributes towards a positive brand presence. This is an important issue for schools, where organisational behaviour must reflect the social values being taught to students.

3. You get good quality at a good price

Whereas recycled paper was once synonymous with a grainy or off-white look, today recycled papers come in a range of whiteness and shades – from natural to bright whites that match virgin fibre papers. Of course, you can still go for the grainy look for arts and crafts, but when it comes to school stationery and office supplies you can be sure of getting the quality you need and the right paper for every application at a comparable or better price than non-recycled alternatives.

If that is not enough, think about this fact: If you substitute 20 cases of non-recycled paper with recycled paper you will save 17 trees, 390 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water and 4,1000 kWh of energy (recycleworks)

Check out our Recycled Range here! Every purchase contributes to the ‘Save the Rhino’ organisation!

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