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Feb 06, 2018

Why the Rhino needs saving!

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Why the Rhino needs saving

The rhinoceros, or rhino as it's better known, is one of the most beautiful and regal animals on the planet, but it's also in great danger due to poaching and threats such as habitat loss, illegal trade and political conflict in its natural habitat.

Top five facts about rhinos

1. There are five species of rhino - Sumatran rhino, Javan rhino, White rhino, Black rhino and the spectacularly named Greater one-horned rhino
2. The name rhinoceros means nose horn!
3. Rhinos are herbivores, which means they eat plants, and not meat. They use their horns for defence only
4. The Javan rhino is the world's largest land mammal; there are only 50 animals in the wild, and none in zoos
5. Rhinos are pregnant for up to 16 months!

Rhinos in the wild

There are just 30,000 rhinos left in wild across Africa and Asia, and although the population is currently stable, poaching is still a massive problem for these gentle giants. In just one decade 7,425 rhinos were lost to poaching. That's just under a quarter of all the rhinos in the world. In 2017, three rhinos were being killed in South Africa every day.

Poaching has increased in some areas of Africa in recent years; across Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia, and to counteract this it's important that the rhinos have a secure habitat, well trained and equipped rangers and are monitored. Without this in place, poachers could wipe out entire populations of Rhinos.

In the case of the Sumatran rhino, the more immediate threat is the loss of their habitat, as vast swathes of land are cleared to make new homes, for logging and to grow crops. In some countries such as Nigeria, Vietnam and Bangladesh, the rhino has now disappeared altogether.

Rhinos eat mostly from trees and bushes, chomping on leaves and fruit, so as these areas are cleared, their vital food sources have disappeared.

For more information on rhinos, visit here and find out about the vital work this organisation is doing to protect and increase numbers of Rhinos.

To support this work Rhino Stationery donate funds which help contribute to saving rhinos. Every purchase you make will support this vital work.

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