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Aug 04, 2017

You still need stationery in the office, even in digital times

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Although much of the world of business has moved online, there are plenty of occasions on which it's necessary or simply easier to use pens and pencils, paper, highlighters and notebooks than it is to open up a Word document and start typing.

For instance, when you're taking minutes in a meeting, the noise of typing on a keyboard can be quite distracting for those around. There are digital solutions, like soft-touch keyboards or typing on an iPad, but moving over to a pen and paper can also be an easy low-tech solution.

A computer screen, too, can act as a barrier between people taking part in a meeting, and make it harder to concentrate or see the body language of those around you, unlike a traditional pad and pencil.

It's easy to rectify errors on a computer screen, but equally a note-taker is constrained to typing within a restricted format. When taking notes on paper, it's possible to draw arrows and even small diagrams to ensure that the correct meaning is communicated - then a good copy of the notes can be typed up for everyone else in attendance.

Similarly, taking a phone message on the computer can be tricky. If the email programme isn't already open then you might need to wait for it to load, and it's much simpler to jot down the message on a small pad and type it up in an email once you're off the phone.

Finally, great office stationery can really improve the mood of an office environment. Not all employees will be bothered, but for many a nice new notebook or their choice of pen is something little that helps to brighten their day. As we all know, happy employees are productive employees, and making your office a nice place to work will help to keep your staff happy.

If you're looking for top quality office supplies for your business, then look no further; we sell everything that you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Take a look around the website to see more of what we offer and place your order.

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