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Aug 26, 2021

5 Essential School Stationery Items

Rhino Education HERO 3 - Rhino Stationery

Help organise your classroom with our favourite 5 must-have stationery items, perfect for both pupils and teachers in the school!

1. Exercise Books for Every Subject

Sorting school exercise books for every class can be a difficult task, whether you're a parent, teacher, or student.

Make life easier by organising your exercise books by colour for each subject ruling.

To help, we have a multitude of colours in each ruling.

2. Record-Keeping Books

Use teacher record books, student homework diaries, and pupil reading records to keep your classroom in top shape.

3. Support for SEN Students

Designed to help relieve the symptoms of visual stress, our tinted paper products are the perfect support if you suffer from dyslexia, notice blurry, jumping lines, or struggle with white paper.

4. Teacher Flip Charts

Flip Charts have had a revival in the past few years, as educators are using this teaching method as a ‘go-to’ staple to improve engagement within the classroom.

Rhino Stationery Maths Squared & English Literacy Flip Charts

5. Have Spare Paper at the Ready

Always handy, stock up on loose-leaf paper for the classroom - Ideal when students are missing exercise books, for test exams, or for notes.

Exercise Book And Looseleaf Paper