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Perfect for when you need to combine pictures, cuttings or scraps with words, our range of scrapbooks and project books covers all needs from the simplest picture story in Reception to a lifetime of keepsakes in a beautiful scrapbooks. Choose from: Project Books - available either split-page (top half blank and bottom half lines) or with alternating blank and lines pages, these books are great for engaging primary-school children, particularly those in Reception or Key Stage 1. Split-page books are perfect for picture stories and alternate page books are ideal for sticking in finds or collages, combined with descriptions. Scrapbooks - available with black, blue or multi-coloured sugar paper, we have scrapbooks to suit all scrappers, from pupils scrapbooking for a school project to adult scrapbookers looking for a beautiful binding to keep their precious cuttings and memories safe and presented beautifully.