Save the Rhino

At RHINO Stationery, we've been working with Save the Rhino International for more than a decade, and recently we have marked a very special celebration, a milestone donation of £100,000; investing in conservation projects for a future where rhinos can thrive. And we couldn't have done it without you!

The partnership began when one of our Directors, Carey McClay, teamed up with Save the Rhino International to print their logo on the back of every exercise book we produced; with the aim of raising awareness amongst teachers and children.

Here, Cathy Dean, CEO of Save the Rhino talks to Carey about how it all began…

Save the Rhino International is a charity that works to protect all five species of rhino across Africa and Asia; their vision is a world where all five species thrive in the wild.

Black Rhino And Ranger Save The Rhino International - Rhino Stationery
Black Rhino and Ranger

Why are rhinos in danger?

Rhinos are one of the world's most iconic animals, but today they're facing two huge threats; poaching and habitat loss.

Today, three of the five species - Black rhinos, Javan rhinos, and Sumatran rhinos - are at extremely high risk of extinction in the wild, and two of these species have fewer than 80 animals surviving.

With the support of their partners, Save the Rhino believes that they can halt and eventually reverse the twin threats of poaching and habitat loss so that no species of rhino are at risk of extinction.

Black rhino at Ol Jogi Conservancy Kenya C Save the Rhino International - Rhino Stationery
Black rhino at Ol Jogi Conservancy, Kenya (C) Save the Rhino International

How is Save the Rhino making a difference?

The charity is working to conserve these incredible animals by:

Protecting rhinos

  • At the heart of their work is protecting rhinos; supporting the rangers to stop poaching through better equipment, training and resources
Tackling illegal trade
  • Stopping the illegal demand for rhino horn is essential. Save the Rhino collaborate with partners to reduce demand for illegal horn and improve enforcement to stop illegal trafficking
Engaging communities
  • In partnership with people living near rhinos, Save the Rhino fund projects that improve rhino conservation, so that everyone is inspired to protect rhinos for the future
Bringing experts together
  • Using their global network, Save the Rhino bring people together to share ideas and collaborate, building capacity and improving effectiveness
Sumatran rhino calf delilah at the sumatran rhino sanctuary c international rhino foundation - Rhino Stationery
Sumatran rhino calf Delilah at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (C) International Rhino Foundation

How you can support rhino conservation

Whether you’re making a donation directly, becoming a member, or purchasing a RHINO Stationery branded product, you’ll be supporting rhino conservation.

Find out more about Save the Rhino at

Save the Rhino International (UK registered charity 1035072)

Rhino Stationery Quote - Robert Moore

A Message from RHINO Stationery's CEO

Our long-standing and collaborative partnership has helped support Save the Rhino in their fantastic work in championing rhino conservation. Despite a reduction of poaching in the late 1990s and early 2000s, today on average, one rhino is poached every 10 hours. As owners of the RHINO brand, we believe that it is part of our duty to raise awareness of the devastating effects of poaching rhinos. Save the Rhino not only focuses on reducing poaching but also securing sufficient space to boost population numbers in the future. Every RHINO branded exercise book, notebook, pad, and flipchart pad purchased by a consumer helps that goal.
Robert Moore
Chief Executive Officer Victor Stationery (UK) Ltd