Page Ruling Guide

RHINO Ruling Guide

Unsure of which page ruling you need?

Our handy standard and squared ruling guides can help you find what you're looking for.

RHINO Stationery's online teachers guide on how to choose the best ruling for your exercise book, refill pads, loose paper, and notebooks!

We have an extensive range available online with images to help you choose the perfect ruling. if you are unsure of any codes or need further help, please contact our customer services.

Standard Ruling Codes

BPlain Unruled
BMPlain with Margin
F66mm Ruled
F77mm Ruled
F88mm Ruled
F1111mm Ruled
F1212mm Ruled
F1515mm Ruled
F6M6mm Ruled & Margin
F8M8mm Ruled & Margin
F12M12mm Ruled & Margin
F7CM7mm Ruled & Centre Margin
F8CM8mm Ruled & Centre Margin
F8/B8mm Ruled & Blank Alternate
TB/F8Top Blank & Bottom 8mm Ruled
TB/F11Top Blank & Bottom 11mm Ruled
TB/F12Top Blank & Bottom 12mm Ruled
TB/F13Top Blank & Bottom 13mm Ruled
TB/F15Top Blank & Bottom 15mm Ruled
S55mm squares
S77mm squares
S1010mm Squares
S2020mm Squares
S5/B5mm Squared - Blank Alternative
S20/B20mm Squared - Blank Alternative
S50/B50mm Squared -Blank Alternative
F8M/B8mm Feints & Margin - Blank Alternative
F12/B12mm Feints - Blank Alternative
F15/B15mm Feints - Blank Alternative
RHINO Ruling Guide 1 - Rhino Stationery
RHINO Ruling Guide 1
RHINO Ruling Guide 2 - Rhino Stationery
RHINO Ruling Guide 2

Our ruling guides below are downloadable and will give you the ability to check and view which page rulings we have online.

RHINO Ruling Guide Download