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Aug 19, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About the Save the Rhino Charity

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Here at Rhino Stationery, we support Save the Rhino International, an amazing cause that aligns with our ethical values. Save the Rhino International are a UK-registered charity that helps to protect rhinos in two continents. They make a significant contribution in different ways but most of them are to protect rhinos from poachers as the threat to rhinos today is greater than ever.

Why are Rhinos in Danger?

There are five rhino species which are currently in danger of near extinction, including the Sumatran Rhinos and the Javan Rhinos which both have fewer than 100 rhinos within their species remaining. The northern white rhinoceros species only has two females left now with the last male, Sudan, having passed away in March 2018. Some of the biggest threats to rhinos include climate change and political unrest.

However, the biggest threat by far is the one posed by poachers. These people want to steal rhino horns for their value and for supposed - but unproven - medical benefits and kill them in the process. At the current rate of poaching, rhinos will disappear from our planet within ten years. In the last decade, 8,889 African rhinos have been lost to poaching.

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Why is it important to save Rhinos?

Humans are responsible for the decline in rhino populations and for that reason alone it is our responsibility to save these species. Yet, there are other advantages in choosing to protect them and to try to increase their numbers, including:

  • Rhinos increase employment from tourism, education and conservation work
  • This employment usually occurs in areas that are experiencing below-average living standards
  • Future generations should also be given the opportunity to behold such iconic and beautiful animals
  • Preventing the extinction of rhinos also means protecting wildlife and the ecosystem

How Does Save the Rhino International Help?

Save the Rhino have a long-term goal of protecting the five most vulnerable species of rhinos across Asia and Africa. They contribute to the security and welfare of the rhinos, as well as providing educational activities and ensuring the local communities where they work also benefit from the protection of rhinos.

Save the Rhino Charity and Rhino Stationery

We at Rhino Stationery have been partnered with Save the Rhino for over a decade. In that time, we have promoted their work, collected donations on their behalf and donated ourselves. Since 2006, we have donated more than £80,000 to the cause and make a pledge to donate a minimum of £6,000 each year. This means that with every purchase of our stationery from our customers, we donate money to keep the most vulnerable rhino species safe and protected.

Donations small and large can make a huge difference. Just £10 will provide a ranger with a foam mattress while he is patrolling and keeping rhinos free from harm!

Get Involved Directly with Save the Rhino!

You can also find more information about Save the Rhino International by visiting their website. You can hear about their recent work and you can even get involved to make a difference.

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