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Oct 24, 2017

3 down 'write' genius ways to make writing fun and engaging

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Teachers and parents alike will know how difficult it can be to persuade children to practice writing.

In an increasingly digital age, where swiping a touchscreen is more commonplace than penning a letter, we are in danger of younger generations losing fundamental writing skills.

Yet the sentiment of sending a handwritten letter or card will never be diminished by modern technology and pen will always need to be put to paper in the modern-day workplace too. It is, therefore, fundamental that children begin to develop their writing skills from an early age.

It can be tricky to engage with children when asking them to do something they perceive as work. But we are experts at providing teachers and parents with the tools and resources they need to make writing fun and engaging for children. Our specially designed Work Sheets and Learning to Write books are perfect to get little ones practising their writing without even realising.

To help make writing even more fun, we’ve dreamt up 3 ways that parents and teachers alike can get those little hands scribbling using our fantastic range of books, pens and pencils:

1. Go for a nature walk. You don’t have to go far for this to work! A quick walk around the school grounds or a dash out to the garden will do the trick. Ask the children to write down anything interesting they can spot. Get them interested by pointing out birds, insects, even an oddly shaped stone. They’ll be frantically jotting down their finds before you know it, and getting some valuable writing practice as well.

2. Long journeys are an ideal occasion to squeeze in some extra writing practice. Why not pop a few of our handy Learning to Write notepads into your bag and pass them out once the children start to get bored. Perhaps see who can write down the most car registration plates or names of well-known landmarks etc.

3. Have the kids solve a mystery! Kids love to play detective and whether it’s one child or a group of 30 children, there is lots of fun to be had (and lots of writing to be done) in solving a mystery! Describe a make-believe scenario to the children (for example – Bruno the dog’s toy has gone missing) and ask them to search for clues and interview potential witnesses/suspects. Give each child one of our Learning to Write notebooks to write down all the information they collect to piece together the clues and solve the crime.

Don’t forget that mixing things up with funky coloured gel pens or the latest pencil gadget is also an ideal way to make writing fun and engaging for children.

At Rhino, we have everything you need to make writing fun and interesting. You can check out our full range of resources by heading to http://www.rhinostationery.com/

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