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Mar 27, 2023

Trending Now: Dotted Ruling!

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The dotted ruling is on-trend right now and fast becoming increasingly popular! And it's easy to see why, it's perfect for planning visually and staying focused and productive, the dotted ruling is loved by fans of the ever-popular bullet journaling (Bu-Jo) trend.

The dot grid ruling allows you to keep your handwriting neat using the dots as a guide for precise and consistent spacing, and the dots aren't as obtrusive as lines or as daunting as plain paper!

What are dotted rulings?

Dotted rulings are a type of paper format that features a series of small dots instead of traditional lines. These dots are spaced evenly apart and can be used as a guide for drawing straight lines, creating graphs, or just keeping your handwriting neat and tidy. They provide a subtle visual cue that helps keep your work organised, without being as visually obtrusive as traditional ruled paper.

Dotted rulings have been around for a while, but they've gained popularity in recent years thanks to the bullet journaling trend. This format is perfect for bullet journaling because it provides structure without being too rigid. You can easily create your own customised layouts, drawing boxes, graphs, and charts wherever you need them.

What is the bullet journal method?

The bullet journaling method is using the dotted ruling to create an organised and aesthetically pleasing layout. By using the dots as a guide, users can create clean, straight lines and symmetrical designs that enhance the overall look of the paper.

This can be especially important for those who enjoy using their dotted paper as a creative outlet or a form of self-expression and based on what we've been reading recently can be used to support neurodiverse thinking.

How can I apply the bullet journaling method to my working day?

One of the key benefits of using dotted rulings is that they allow for more precise and consistent spacing. This is especially helpful when creating sections or tables that require straight lines and uniform spacing. Dotted rulings can also be used to create grids for habit tracking, mood tracking, and other types of trackers that require regular, repeated entries.

Why is bullet journaling effective?

One of the key elements of bullet journaling is the use of dotted rulings, which are a type of grid pattern that can be used to create sections, tables, and other organisational structures within the dotted paper.

What is bullet journaling used for?

Bullet journaling or Bu-Jo is used as a way to keep track of tasks, goals, and other important information in a customisable and creative way. The dot grid has become a go-to ruling for those of us who prefer the freedom of a plain page, with the advantage of a subtle guide to keeping us looking neat.

Is dot journaling the same as bullet journaling?

Dotted rulings are essentially a series of small dots arranged in a grid pattern on the page, so yes dot journaling uses the same ruling as bullet journaling. Unlike traditional ruled paper, which has solid lines that can be limiting in terms of layout and design, dotted rulings and bullet rulings allow for more flexibility and creativity. The dots provide a subtle guide for drawing lines and shapes, while still allowing for the freedom to create unique layouts and designs.

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Dotted Paper

Why restrict dot grid ruling to just journaling?

Whether you are a seasoned bullet journaler or just starting out, using dotted rulings can help you create more organised, creative, and aesthetically pleasing layouts that reflect your unique style and personality. So why not give them a try and see how they can enhance your bullet journaling experience?

A1 Dotted Paper Flip Chart 2023 03 24 - Rhino Stationery
RHINO A1 Dotted Flip Chart

A1 Dotted Paper

This A1 20mm Dotted Flip Chart Pad can be used for creating customised plans with grids and tables, allowing drawing straight lines easier.

Recently, Flip Charts have been the 'go-to' teaching method for educators. In particular, they are being used to improve engagement and increase attention in the classroom as they can be used to support primary schools and provide an interactive learning wall. Flip charts, like chalkboards and whiteboards, allow for a certain amount of spontaneity. They are appealing for drawing out concepts to enable better understanding and to get input directly from a group of students.

Perfect for professionals who like to organise visually and creatively, and loved by teachers and students for teaching methods and revision mind maps, the dotted ruling helps organise your lessons, studying, and planning!

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RHINO A1 Dotted Flip Chart
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A3 Desk Pad 5mm Dotted

A3 Dotted Paper

The A3 Dotted Desk Pad allows managing your workspace easy and acts as a personal desktop whether you're working from home or the office. The dots provide a visual guide that helps keep your work organised, without being visually obstructive. You can create your own customised layout, drawing guides, graphs, boxes, and to-do lists, wherever you need them.

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A3 Desk Pad 5mm Dotted
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