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Jan 13, 2023

Meet Baraka, The Black Rhino

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Meet Baraka, The Black Rhino

Baraka is our featured rhino for this month, doesn't he look incredibly peaceful sleeping here with ox peckers?

This beautiful photograph was taken by Kendal Francis and her husband on a recent visit to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, in Kenya and features as our January Save the Rhino International calendar hero

Born in the wild, Baraka, which means blessed in Swahili, lost an eye in a fight with another rhino, and then lost sight in the other due to a cataract, because of this, he is unable to live in the wild.

He now lives at the conservancy full-time, safeguarded 24/7 under the watchful eye and close care of the dedicated rangers.

Special caregivers feed Baraka from a feeding platform which allows visitors a very unique interactive experience to see Baraka up close. Many of the rhinos at Ol Pejeta Conservancy are unfortunately orphaned, like Baraka.

Thankfully, the wonderful work that is carried out at the conservancy and other organisations across Africa has helped the population of black rhinos in Ol Pejeta increase from 20 in 1993 to 167 black rhinos today.

As black rhinos are critically endangered, the conservation work carried out in Ol Pejeta is incredibly important, it is the largest black rhino sanctuary in Eastern and Central Africa.

They aim to safeguard some of the world's rarest endangered species and celebrate a fifth consecutive year of zero rhino poaching incidents.*

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Baraka at Ol Pejeta Conservancy ©

Want to adopt a rhino at Ol Pejeta?

You can! By adopting Baraka you will be helping to support his care, giving him the life he deserves, whilst also helping to secure the future of all the rhinos that live on Ol Pejeta.

Learn more and Adopt Baraka Today!

Did you know?

The is actually no difference in colour between the black and white rhino!

Black rhinos are generally more shy and solitary than the white rhino and have a reputation for being more aggressive!

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