Jul 13, 2020

Activity Booklets

We've teamed up with Save the Rhino to offer parents and children a selection of resources, fun activities, and facts to use when home tutoring.

Save the Rhino International is a charity organisation that works to protect and increase the rhino population. Their vision is for all five rhino species to thrive in the wild for future generations.

STR along with Frankfurt Zoological Society and ZSL have developed an Activity Booklet, which children in Zambia use to learn about rhinos.

The Teacher's Conservation Guide contains plans for 20 lessons that are used by a Conservation Teacher to plan out a carefully prepared curriculum around environmental education tailored to the North Luangwa region. The Children's Activity Booklet contains activities corresponding to the 20 lessons to be completed by the students.

Click here to access Save the Rhino's School Resources or why not download the activity booklet and try some of the exercises with your class or when homeschooling your children!

Activity Book (Credit: Save the Rhino International, Frankfurt Zoological Society, and ZSL).

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