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Mar 20, 2018

Easter Craft Ideas for the Classroom

Quick easy easter bonnet idea paper plate bunny ears 600x423 - Rhino Stationery

Crafts during the Easter season can be a great way to engage kids in the classroom with colours and shapes. There are endless opportunities to be imaginative using everyday school stationery and school supplies that you can find in and around the classroom.

We have included some of our favourite ideas below to help you get colourful and creative this Easter:

Craft for kids easter eggs thelifeofjenniferdawn - Rhino Stationery

Easter Egg Ornaments

These ornaments are a fun and kid friendly way of brightening up the classroom during Easter. All you need is some coloured paper, double-sided tape, yarn, some beads and an egg template.

Crayon resist easter egg window decoration craft for kids - Rhino Stationery

Easter Egg Window Decorations

One of the easier crafts you can do this Spring , all you need for this afternoon of fun is a set of watercolour pencils, wax crayons and printing paper)(this could even be substituted for paper from old exercise books!

Easter counting - Rhino Stationery

Easter Printable Pages

(Rhino Stationery.com, 2018)

We have designed a number of free downloadable resources for the primary classroom. Take a look at them here. Share these with us over on Facebook for your chance to win and Easter egg!

Mrprintables easter coloring pages - Rhino Stationery

Easter Colouring Pages

For younger students, an afternoon of creativity can be a great way to end the day and if you’re looking for an easy, last minute idea, colouring pages are a great option! Made up of six different sheets, this one can help kids work collaboratively to create a big, beautiful Easter egg that can be hung up on a wall or door! All you need for this one is some printing paper and colouring pencils.

Paper Chains Easter Bonnet Parade

Working together can be one of the most enjoyable parts of being creative in the classroom, but if colouring isn’t up your street, creating paper chains as a class can be a great way to have kids engage with one another. This is another craft that needs little else beyond scissors, glue and coloured paper.

Easter Bonnet Parade

(The organised housewife, 2015)

For the more ambitious student, creating Easter bonnets for a class parade can be a great way to get kids thinking outside of the box. There are so many options for this one, it’s up to the student to decide how to use their school supplies to create the most festive hat! Here are a few ideas to get their minds working.

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