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Apr 03, 2024

Dealing with Exam Stress

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What causes exam stress?

Many differing factors can cause exam stress, from comparing yourself, to pressure from others, worrying about your performance and its outcome, difficulties at home, mental health struggles, and more as everyone is different and has their struggles.

Tips on dealing with exam stress?

Everyone has their own way of coping with stress, and Mind.org offers valuable insights on effectively managing exam stress both before, during, and after the examination.

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  • Allocate time for activities you enjoy.

  • Talk to others about how you're feeling

  • Take care of yourself, whether it is physical or mental—prioritise self-care.

  • Adapt your study methods and environment to suit your preferences.


  • Preparation is key. Organise your items the night before to save time and avoid any unnecessary stress in the morning. Starting your day with a positive mindset can help set the tone for the rest of the day.

  • Stay grounded by incorporating a breathing exercise that helps you feel centred and focused. Take your time during the exam to ensure you answer each question to the best of your ability.


  • Avoid comparing yourself to others. Focus on your progress, reward yourself, and take breaks to reduce stress. If you have multiple exams, try and relax before your next one.

Consider keeping organised notes in a dedicated notebook throughout these stages to enhance your overall exam preparation and self-care.

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