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Mar 18, 2021

The Story Behind our Manilla Covers

Exercise books HERO - Rhino Stationery

Produced in the UK, our manilla covers are 100% recycled.

We read statements like this every day on many types of paper and packaging, so today, on Global Recycling Day, we thought we'd share a bit more about the process and its positive benefits on the surrounding environment.

The Making of Manilla

Our school exercise book manilla covers are 100% recycled; made from 100% reworked fibre which starts out as waste from other production runs at the paper mill.

So, it's a reused by-product which is a great way to reuse, reduce and recycle!

The paper itself contains 7% moisture; the mill draws water from the local river for production, with over 90% of the water taken being returned clean to the river downstream of the mill.

In fact, this river is so clean that it's been classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because it is home to a thriving population of white-clawed crayfish (a species that signifies water purity) ….probably a welcome treat for the local otter population too!

And there is zero waste to landfill...

Even the fibrous waste extracted from waste water is land-spread on local farmland, all approved by the Environment Agency, as it has been shown to have agricultural benefits.

Be on the lookout - if you see a rainbow of colours in a field, it may be that the farmer has been using this colourful paper residue!

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