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Mar 19, 2024

Neurodiversity-Friendly Classroom Setups

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Creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for neurodivergent students requires thoughtful considerations and adjustments. Here are 3 impactful strategies to help enhance the engagement of neurodivergent students shared by 'Resilient Educator’.

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Classroom Setup

Sensory deprivation areas offer a quiet space for students to focus and avoid sensory overload while learning stations with various sensory activities provide hands-on experiences for engagement. Additionally, alternative seating arrangements, such as allowing students to walk around intermittently or using standing desks, can promote active learning engagement.

To further enhance your study space, our Desk Pads not only offer enhanced organization but also provide a convenient writing surface for students, fostering efficiency and organization. In addition, our Flipcharts are perfect for facilitating discussions and brainstorming sessions, promoting interactive learning and effective communication.

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Tinted Paper

Our tinted paper range, which received the Stationers Warrant this 2024, is specially designed with the right colour shades and can help reduce and relieve visual disturbances such as eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision. RHINO Stationary's tinted paper refill pads and exercise books are a valuable resource for neurodivergent individuals, including students who are neurodivergent or have special educational needs such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyspraxia, and notice blurry, jumping lines or struggle with the glare of white paper.

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Lesson Plans

Modifying lessons is crucial to accommodate the diverse learning styles of neurodivergent students. Some students may require specific accommodations, such as headphones, calculators, or large-print text. Others may need assistance with writing which is available through our Handwriting Books. Designed with helpful handwriting lines, these books are excellent tools for children embarking on their writing journey. They play a crucial role in boosting a pupil's confidence and aiding in the development of writing skills. Another way to accommodate students is by giving them additional time to process information and complete their work. Active lessons incorporating movement can cater to students who find sitting still for extended periods challenging. By implementing these strategies, we can create inclusive classrooms where neurodivergent students feel supported and empowered to reach their full potential.