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Feb 28, 2024

How to use our RHINO Exercise Books

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Each of our exercise books comes in various sizes, colours and rulings. If you’re wondering which exercise book is best for your or your school's needs, we have helped refine that search with a short description of how and when to use each of our RHINO Exercise books.

  1. School Exercise Books: Our School exercise books are education-standard-approved. RHINO Stationery's exercise books come in various sizes, from the most popular A4, A5, 9 x 7, and 8 x 6.5.

  2. A4 Exercise Books: Our range of A4 exercise books is ideal for teachers, students and admin staff. We offer a range of exercise books in varying colours and all our exercise books come in a choice of colours and rulings, including lined, blank, squared and graph.

  3. A4 Plus Exercise Books: Our A4 plus exercise books are ideal for schools and education.

  4. A5 9x7 Exercise Books: Handy for small projects, lightweight and easy to carry.

  5. 8 x 6.5 200 x 165: Our high-quality exercise books make them perfect for homeschooling, school workbooks, handwriting practice books and writing books.

  6. Other Sizes: Having notebooks in various sizes provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to choose a compact option for on-the-go field research or larger formats for comprehensive note-taking in diverse settings.

  7. Lined, Plain, Alternate Pages: Our alternate lined and plain page exercise books, also known as project books, are perfect for combining writing with drawings, particularly suitable for Reception and KS1 school-aged children.

  8. Blank: Our range of blank exercise books comes in various colours, ideal for mind-mapping, design and creating diagrams. One of the best aspects of plain paper is that you can stick worksheets into them without worrying about the rulings showing through!

  9. Cornell: Cornell school exercise books are designed to provide space for student feedback, the Cornell ruling allows for goal setting, and note-taking with a layout that enhances comprehension and retention. So an ideal for children at all levels of education.

  10. Graph: Graph exercise books can be used for science and maths, they are ideal for when you need to draw to scale and conduct scientific equations as well as maths formulas, calculations, and problem-solving.These can be used as science books for plotting data or maths books for drawing diagrams.

  11. Lined Exercise Books: Our lined school exercise books are available with and without a margin and can be used in a variety of core subjects such as English, Languages, History, and Geography. Our lined exercise books come in a range of colours and sizes.

  12. Top Plain Bottom Lined: Also known as project books, these top-plain and bottom-lined books are perfect for creating picture stories, particularly suitable for Reception and Primary School children.

  13. Squared: Our squared exercise books can be used not just to improve maths skills, but for all science and maths work. Shop our extensive range of square-ruled exercise books. We love squared paper for creating illustrations, diagrams, and graphics!

  14. Diaries & Record Books: We offer a good selection of homework diaries and reading books, all educational standards, and approved high-quality papers. Ideal for Primary and Secondary Schools.

  15. Handwriting: Handwriting exercise books are a great tool when a child is starting their journey with writing, they can help assist a pupil's confidence by providing a visual guide on how to create the correct proportions and spacing, leading to improvement of their handwriting and literacy skills. Perfect for learning to write, children can progress from wide-ruled to narrow-ruled exercise books as their handwriting develops and they grow in confidence. We offer a range of resources to help that learning from literacy pads, help to write books and varying formats of handwriting books.

  16. Maths Exercise Books: Our range of maths exercise books can be used not just to improve maths skills, but for science and graph work. They come in a range of maths exercise book colours and sizes, we even have a SEN tinted version.

  17. Science Books: Our range of science exercise books offer various rulings, including graph ruling perfect for budding scientists. We also offer lined & graph rulings, ideal for when drawing and writing need to be combined.

  18. Scrapbooks & Project Books: Our scrapbooks and project books allow students to combine pictures, cuttings or scraps with words, our range of scrapbooks and project books covers all needs from the simplest picture story in Reception to a lifetime of keepsakes in a beautiful scrapbook. We offer a range of page layouts and rulings with a choice of cover colour options.

  19. Spelling & Vocabulary Exercise Books: Spelling and vocabulary exercise books are perfect for language learning. Perfect for homeschooling, school workbooks and spelling tests!

  20. SEN Tinted: Our range of SEN (Special Educational Needs) tinted exercise books help reduce and relieve the symptoms of visual stress so they're dyslexia and Meares-Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity) friendly. Our tinted exercise books and pads can help make a difference in a child's ability to read and write comfortably.