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Jan 15, 2024

Our Top 5 Handwriting Resources

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23rd January - National Handwriting Day

1 in 2 children and young people say that they write to be creative (49.9%), while 2 in 5 write to express their ideas and imagination (45.3%) or their thoughts and feelings (41.4%)*

Our own research shows 82% of respondents (teachers) use additional resources to help support handwriting... so here is our top 5 must-have handwriting resources!

1. Handwriting Exercise Books

Our handwriting exercise books are perfect for learning to write, children can progress from wide-ruled to narrow-ruled exercise books as their handwriting develops and they grow in confidence.

2. Literacy Pad

Our educational Literacy A1 Flip Chart Pad with 30 leaves, each with handwriting ruling on one side and blank alternating pages. This large flip chart pad is the perfect canvas for presenting early letters and also gives each child plenty of room to improve their handwriting.

3. Handwriting Books for SEN

These tinted exercise books and pads could help make a real difference to a child's ability to read and write comfortably.

4. Learn to Write Book

This little early literacy book is a great tool to help your child learn how to write. Consisting of 32 pages, each with bold red and grey lines - allowing enough space for your child to comfortably write in between. In our opinion, this is quite simply the perfect notebook for children to develop their handwriting with confidence.

5. Spare Lined Paper

It is always handy to stock up on loose-leaf paper for the classroom - ideal when students are missing exercise books, for test exams, or for notes.

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Our Literacy Pad in use

The RHINO Brand Promise

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The RHINO Brand Promise