Sep 13, 2022

Exercise Book Overprinting

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Overprinting Guidelines

Customise your school exercise book covers with a fast and cost-effective bespoke service from RHINO Stationery.

Using our personalisation service you can print your school crest, school logo, and school name on the front of all your exercise book covers.


  1. Choose Add Overprinting on the exercise book you require
  2. Select an image file to upload (see file details).
  3. You will be given one proof of artwork to check your logo quality and location before printing. Please see our Terms & Conditions for overprinting.
  4. Images will be printed central to the book unless otherwise stated (size may be adjusted to fit). To change the location of the image please email us at beforehand so we can check it is possible.
  5. At just £3 per pack of 10 exercise books, our personalisation service is value for money and high quality.

File Details: Files must be image files so text must be saved as an image. Maximum file size is 5.00 MB, file types are png, jpg, BMP, tiff. Image quality 300dpi, images should be a single black colour, ideally on a transparent or white background. If you are having problems with your logo, please contact us via the website chat function and we maybe able to assist you.

*Please note, overprinting is only available on packs of 10 exercise books*

*All printing is done in one colour, black and we do not accept file uploads from word documents or scans*

*Please note that delivery for overprinted items is usually 1 week, as long as the image is supplied when ordering*

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For further details or information please contact us.