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Jun 01, 2017

10 things all primary school teachers know

School children in playground - Rhino Stationery

Being a primary school teacher presents its own unique set of challenges, but with those unique challenges comes some unique insight. Here are 10 things that all primary school teachers know.

1. There are favourites

Unfortunately, it's true - some children just seem to be more pleasant than some of the others. That's completely normal, and as a teacher, you can't like everyone. So just as long as all of them are treated in the same manner, everyone is happy.

2. The same few children are always late

You'd like to think that nobody would be late for class but there are always some stragglers, and it always seems to be the same ones. Why is that?

3. Wet playtimes are terrible

If it's tipping it down, a teacher can't exactly send the kids outside for playtime. The problem is they don't want to be inside and teachers don't want them inside either. They are loud, can make a mess, and it makes it incredibly hard for a teacher to get their work done.

4. Exercise books fill up quickly

Suspiciously quickly to be honest. There always seems to be a child that has finished their book and requires a fresh new one. To help stay on top of school supplies, check out our range here.

5. There aren't enough 'big parts' in the school play

Some children are just going to have to be the sheep.

6. Toilet requests are non-stop

It doesn't matter what time of day it is. Before lunch, after lunch, after playtime when they had plenty of opportunities to go to the loo - you can still expect to see raised hands asking for a toilet break throughout the day.

7. The right stationery is crucial

Having unreliable stationery can be an absolute nightmare. If pens are constantly running out and the pencils are always breaking, a teacher won't stop hearing about it from the students. Our range of stationery, on the other hand, is extremely reliable - vital if you don't want to hear about broken pencils twenty times a day.

8. Someone always forgets their PE kit

It's the same time every week, but it doesn't stop someone forgetting. It may not always be the same child, but you can bet someone will be rummaging through their bag frantically only to find nothing when PE is announced.

9. No packed lunch on a school trip

Like the PE kit, there's going to be a child who doesn't bring anything to eat with them on the school trip. You then have two options: take them to the shop, or share your lunch with them. Neither of which seem that appealing.

10. The feeling of pride

There's nothing better than seeing a student who has been struggling with something for a long time finally get it. It's moments like that which make teaching one of the best jobs in the world.

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