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Apr 21, 2015

3 things that children love about going back to school

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Times have changed, children seem to be becoming more and more like little adults, but there are some things that don't change generation after generation. No matter how cool the kids are and how often they proclaim that they don't like school, there are a few things that they love about the end of the summer holidays.

New uniforms

Kids hate being dragged around to find the perfect school shoes, and they're embarrassed by their mum or dad straightening their tie as they're trying on uniforms, but what child doesn't like feeling smart and sophisticated on their first day of a new term? Sure, the shoes will be scuffed by lunchtime and there will be paint on their jumpers by the end of the first day, but at least everyone made an effort!

A brand new pencil case

Kids of every generation have enjoyed getting a brand new pencil case and choosing everything to go inside. And we mean everything. That first-day pencil case is filled with pencils, pens, a maths kit with a protractor and compass, colouring pencils, felt pens, an eraser, some Tipp-Ex... the list is almost endless! Again, by the end of the first week you can be sure that nobody even has a pencil for their lesson. For that reason, it's essential that schools are prepared with spare school stationery, including pens and pencils, for all of the kids that come unprepared to their second-week lessons.

Break time

Being 100% honest, by the time that they get into school and the morning register has been completed, the children will be looking forward to break time. By the time that's over, they'll be looking forward to lunchtime. You can't stop children from running around in their free time, playing football in the playground or chasing each other whilst playing games that are a little too rough, but you can take action to protect their belongings as much as possible. Parents can buy sturdy bags or encourage their children to use provided drawers, trays or lockers, and teachers can provide exercise book covers to reduce the risk of torn and ripped workbooks. Ripped workbooks can mean lost work and disruption in the classroom, and even the kids don't want that!

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