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Sep 01, 2022

Top 5 Back-to-School Tips

8x6 5 Exercise Book Handwriting Lifestyle RAW LR - Rhino Stationery

Get ahead of the back-to-school rush with these top tips to help organise your stationery essentials.

1. Colour Co-ordinate Your Exercise Books by Subject

Sorting school exercise books for every class can be a difficult task. Make life easier by organising books by colour, for different subject rulings.

To help, we have a multitude of colours in each ruling.

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Shop Exercise Books & Paper

2. Keep Yourself and Your Students Organised

Use teacher record books, student homework diaries, and pupil reading records to keep your classroom in top shape.

Reading Record Learn to Write Vocab English Overhead Lifestyle 2 LR - Rhino Stationery
Shop Record Books and Homework Diaries

3. Support Students with Special Needs

Designed to help relieve the symptoms of visual stress, our tinted paper products are the perfect support if you suffer from dyslexia, Irlens, notice blurry, jumping lines, or struggle with white paper.

SEN Banner - Rhino Stationery
Shop Tinted Exercise Books and Refill Pads

4. Increase Pupil Engagement with the Classic Flip Chart

Flip Charts have had a revival this year as teachers use them as a ‘go-to’ to improve engagement within the classroom. Brilliant for whole class brainstorming and creating 'washing line' walls for pupils to work from.

5. Have Spare Paper at the Ready

Always handy, stock up on loose-leaf paper as a great classroom backup for missing exercise books, tests, exams, or project notes.

Looseleaf Paper Group Lifestyle 2 HR - Rhino Stationery


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