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May 25, 2017

Doodle fun with Rhino

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When you look out across the classroom, you want to see engaged faces looking back at you. If you don't and instead you see pupils doodling in their exercise books, do you assume they're not engaged in the work? It's an old assumption, but it turns out it could be wrong.

Another way of processing

Although modern education focuses on logic and verbal reasoning, we also know that there are students who need to access materials in different ways. More visual students may need to record their notes in a more artistic form; a doodle rather than lines of notes.

Quickly capture an idea

A picture paints a thousand words, and sometimes it's quicker to record an idea in a sketch or doodle rather than writing out the full description. More than that, doodling can help the idea take form and develop. That's why architects and engineers start with a sketch and work up into a full design.

Improves recall and problem solving

Rather than showing a student isn't listening, studies have shown that they recall more information if they've spent the lecture time doodling. Doodling can also help lead to creative problem solving, as it accesses the more creative part of the brain.

Not convinced? Take five minutes out and listen to this TED Talk by Sunni Brown.

Embrace doodling!

Work through visual note-taking techniques with students and encourage them to capture thoughts with doodles or sketches. Visual techniques are also great for working on tasks like brain-storming or problem solving, so if you're doing any of those sorts of exercise you can bring in teacher-approved doodling sessions.

And how about offering an incentive (perhaps pens and pencils or other school supplies) to students to create the best summary doodle of the last lecture? You can share the work around the class and have everyone benefit.

So, the next time you see a student doodling, think about about their engagement or go one step further and encourage your students to draw! There is plenty of space in Rhino exercise books to allow the mind to wander down more creative alleys now and then without running out of space.

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