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Mar 09, 2018

Ideas for your scrapbook

Scrapbook - Rhino Stationery

Remembering a special day or big life event these days is becoming a lot easier. With Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media platforms, as well as the photos we carry on our phones and smart devices, capturing moments are simple and fast, and we can soon build up a timeline of our lives for reflection. But photos and videos only go so far, and can actually make us feel removed or even separate from the event itself. This is where a scrapbook is a great piece of stationery for storing your memories.

Why scrapbooks?

Scrapbooks are physical journals that don't rely too heavily on words, digital photos, or videos, and instead contain mementos, objects, and documents that we have received, used, or bought through our lives. Having something to touch and feel can often be a great memory aid, and is a reminder of what actually happened on the day, and not just a photo that gives us a gist of the moment.

Scrapbooks can be used like diaries. For example, you could collect train, bus, or plane tickets to document where you have traveled, as well as any tickets, business cards, or even receipts from the attractions or businesses that you visited along the way. They're also a great way to remember a special holiday. Imagine a single place where you can check out the plane tickets, the shells collected from the beach, or even that sketch you made of a beautiful view or location.

Keep your memories safe

If you're a big collector, then a scrapbook is a great storage tool for your items. Whether it's postcards, stamps, trading cards, or pretty much anything else small and flat, a scrapbook is a great way to keep everything safe, secure, and easily accessible.

You can even make your scrapbook about people. Saving concert tickets or a festival wristband and sticking it next to some photos of you having a great time with friends is an excellent keepsake and will help you to rewind to particular moments, especially if you're in need of a good laugh! They're also one of the best ways of remembering people who are no longer with us or live far away, with possessions and photos along with any reminders of fun activities together.

Start your scrapbook today

No matter what it is you want to remember, a scrapbook is a quick and simple way of keeping all of your memories in one place. You can even expand your scrapbook by adding two exercise books together when you run out of space, or even creating one big scrapbook for all your scrapbooks! Start yours today by picking up a brand new scrapbook and start saving your memories!

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