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Feb 20, 2018

New teaching trends for 2018 and beyond

Teaching trends 2018 - Rhino Stationery

Teaching is all about being ready to adapt to change and innovation and there's never been a more exciting time to be in the classroom. Modern technology is driving the tech skills that your students will need for the 21st century, while active learning spaces are designed to help students and teachers break away from the desk. What other exciting trends are set to change the face of classroom teaching and learning in 2018?

Blended learning

This is the probably the most interesting and exciting opportunity facing teachers today, and one that is rich in possibilities: how do we redefine traditional classroom roles as online media blends into day to day learning? The benefits for teacher and pupil of increased access to a huge range of resources is obvious both in terms of opportunities for the gamification of learning and streamlining classroom budgets. The role of the teacher is also changing, with 'facilitator' emerging as a favoured alternative to 'teacher' as a truer reflection of their role in the blended learning environment.

Active learning classrooms
With new styles of learning and teaching comes the opportunity to rethink classroom design. The learning environment should be designed to inspire creativity, inspiration and productivity with flexible learning spaces and comfortable seating that breaks down the barriers between a formal classroom and a space where school supplies are accessed as and when a pupil needs them.

Self directed learning

Particularly suited to students with non-conventional learning styles, self directed learning encourages students to put away their exercise books and explore a topic through alternative forms of text like videos and e-books that provide an incentive for students to study and prepare in a way that suits them.

Going digital

With the average 6 year old now exhibiting the technological skills of a 45 year old, digital learning will drive the biggest changes in education. From the use of apps and augmented reality to digital literacy, there is a growing understanding that technology can be used to help pupils focus, process and memorise a lesson more easily than traditional book based learning. By embracing digital learning techniques, teachers can ensure that their students are ready for the challenges of 21st century life.

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