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Jul 31, 2023

Save the Rhino and RHINO Stationery

Sumatran rhino calf Andatu C D Candra - Rhino Stationery

For nearly two decades, RHINO Stationery has proudly partnered with Save the Rhino International, making a significant impact in rhino conservation with over £100,000 in donations. And we owe it all to you, our incredible supporters!

Our journey began in 2006, when Carey McClay, one of our Directors, teamed up with Save the Rhino to print their logo on the back of every exercise book we produced, aiming to raise awareness among teachers and children. With your support, we've contributed to Save the Rhino's mission, raising funds and awareness for their vital conservation projects.

Every purchase of RHINO Stationery directly helps save rhinos, making a difference in their future. Join us on this journey to protect rhinos and create a world where they thrive freely and safely.

Thank you for being part of this incredible cause!

Here, Cathy Dean, CEO of Save the Rhino (2021-2023) talks to Carey about how it all began…

Who is Save the Rhino?

They are a fantastic charity dedicated to protecting all five species of rhino across Africa and Asia. Their vision is to create a world where these majestic creatures can thrive freely in the wild!

It all started back in the 1970s when a terrible poaching epidemic struck, posing a severe threat to the black rhino populations. But that's where Dave Stirling and Johnny Roberts, stepped in! Inspired and filled with determination after their adventure across Africa, they decided to make a real difference. In 1992, they hit the ground running (quite literally!) by participating in the London Marathon to raise funds. But that was just the beginning of their creative and exciting fundraising journey! And on 28th February 1994, the dream became official, and Save the Rhino International was registered as a UK charity (charity number: 1035072).

Since then, they have achieved some incredible milestones, moving forward with their mission to protect rhinos and conserve their populations. With every passing year, they continue to make a real impact and bring hope to the future of rhinos.

So, hats off to Save the Rhino International and all the amazing people who support them. Together, they're making the world a better place for our rhino friends!

Why are rhinos in danger?

In the face of immense challenges posed by poaching and habitat loss, rhinos, the majestic icons of the wild, are now at risk of extinction.

Three out of the five rhino species, including the Black rhinos, Javan rhinos, and Sumatran rhinos, are on the brink of disappearing, with some species having fewer than 80 surviving individuals.

But there's hope shining brightly through the efforts of Save the Rhino and their dedicated partners, together, we strive to halt and eventually reverse the threats posed to these incredible creatures, ensuring that no species of rhino face extinction. By supporting Save the Rhino through every purchase of RHINO Stationery, we become active guardians of these ancient giants, working tirelessly to preserve their presence in the wild. With determination and collective action, we can create a future where rhinos thrive freely, and their magnificence continues to inspire generations to come.

How is Save the Rhino making a difference?

Save the Rhino is making a significant difference in rhino conservation through various approaches.

  • Core focus is on protecting rhinos by supporting rangers with better equipment, training, and resources to combat poaching effectively.
  • Address the issue of illegal trade by collaborating with partners to reduce demand for rhino horn and enhance enforcement to combat illegal trafficking.
  • Engaging with communities near rhino habitats, the charity funds projects that promote rhino conservation, inspiring everyone to be a part of safeguarding rhinos for the future.
  • Fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts worldwide, building capacity and improving conservation efforts through their global network.

How you can support rhino conservation!

Whether you’re making a donation directly, becoming a member, or purchasing a RHINO Stationery branded product, you’ll be supporting rhino conservation.

Find out more about Save the Rhino at www.savetherhino.org,

Save the Rhino International (UK registered charity 1035072).