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Jan 22, 2018

The 5 funniest things children have written in a Rhino book

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The 5 funniest things children have written in a Rhino book

Exercise books, jotters, notebooks – whatever you called them when you were at school, Rhino are one of the biggest suppliers of school books these days, and in the age of media sharing, we’ve had a good chuckle at some of the things which children have written on the pages of their Rhino books. Here we have five of our favourites, which we hope will put a smile on your face, too.

201003 G The Swindon Invasion - Rhino Stationery

1. The Viking invasion of Swindon

As we all know, the Vikings were Scandinavian invaders, with a fearsome reputation. According to this junior historian, they made a beeline for a large town in Wiltshire once they landed in England.

201107 Only For Year 6 745642 - Rhino Stationery

2. The exclusive party

All children look forward to the end of the school year, especially those in year 6 who are moving up to “Big school”. One class, when asked to suggest how the school could celebrate the end of the school year, decided on a celebration assembly and party. One pupil took it a step further and decided it should be a very exclusive event.

201003 G Randy Eric - Rhino Stationery

3. New rules

After reading about Eric, the boy who turned into a dog, this class were asked to imagine spending a day with Eric. However, this young writer’s spelling error gave the story a slightly more sinister twist!

201007 Good Luck - Rhino Stationery

5. The passive/aggressive send-off

Let’s be honest – we’re not always sorry to lose a colleague when they move on to a new job. This child’s farewell note to a classmate was slightly more foreboding!

If you’re looking to buy school stationery supplies which are sure to make it to your classroom’s top five, get in touch with Rhino and talk to us about how Rhino’s books for kids can make a difference to your lessons – and hopefully what your pupils write inside them!

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