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May 31, 2024

The Importance of Sustainability in Paper-Based Stationery Products

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At RHINO, we are committed to promoting a circular economy. Our notebooks are 100% recyclable, and each one begins its journey as a tiny seedling growing into a great big tree. The tree is then harvested and transported to our paper mill and factory, where it is transformed into our high-quality notebooks. Once used, our notebooks can be composted, which enriches the soil and promotes the growth of more trees. This way, we can ensure that our products can positively impact the environment. Doing this alone can positively help the environment because, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, more than 3.3 cubic yards (2.52 cubic metres) of landfill space, around 1,400 litres of oil, and 26,500 litres of water.

Using recycled products ensures that raw materials are conserved for the future and that we are not taking away more than we need; this also reduces the need for more raw materials, which causes less pollution. It also helps save energy because it uses 60% less energy consumption in manufacturing, which means fewer greenhouse gases being emitted. All this helps ensure natural habitats are protected, products do not end up where they should not be, and natural surroundings are not destroyed.

Each product in our Recycled Range is beautifully illustrated. The 100% recycled paper collection celebrates one of the rhinos we are helping to protect with Save the Rhino International and reminds us how we can make a difference to the natural world around us.

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Did you know?

Our manilla covers are made from 100% reworked fibre, which starts out as cuts from other production runs at the paper mill. And it’s good to know that there is zero waste to landfill - the fibrous waste extracted during the process is land-spread for its agricultural benefits.

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